Refund and cancellation policy

Community Foundations Australia is excited to bring you the first National Community Foundations Forum since 2019. As we emerge from the pandemic, we understand that delegates may be hesitant to travel interstate due to the lingering uncertainties of Covid-19.

In the event that a delegate cannot attend Forum due to government-mandated restrictions, they will be entitled to a full refund on the Forum registration fee. The booking fee paid to Humanitix is, however, non-refundable. If a delegate can no longer attend NCFF for a reason unrelated to Covid-19, they may still receive a full refund on the registration fee up to 30 days prior to the Forum start date.

Delegates staying at the Novotel Geelong are entitled to a full refund on accommodation costs up until the day Forum is due to begin (Sunday 23rd October 2022) if cancellation is related to government-mandated restrictions or border closures in place at the time of cancellation. If a delegate cancels their accommodation for any other reason, Novotel’s 30 day cancellation policy applies.

In the event that NCFF’22 is cancelled due to Covid-19 related events, all delegates will receive a full refund on registration fee (minus the Humanitix booking fee) and accommodation costs.

We hope these reassurances allow you to book with confidence. We look forward to meeting you all, face-to-face, in October!

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